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    2008 waverunner VX1100 starts running bad after it warms up

    I've got a 2008 waverunner VX1100 that starts running bad after it warms up
    seems to run pretty good cold
    however after it starts warming up it loses power, the idle gets a bit rough as well
    at first I was thinking it was a fuel restriction, that it might be a lean condition because of a
    restricted fuel filter, etc...
    after looking into it the only filter I found was the fuel pump pick up screen, when I pulled the fuel pump out of the gas tank that looked fine
    perhaps it's something electrical in the ignition system, breaking down...
    any others know of inherent or typical faults with this model watercraft?
    I do have the factory manual for it


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    First replace all your sparkplugs with NEW ones. Then re test. Alot of times a bad or partly fouled sparkplug will fool you. Tommy Jordan

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    how fresh is the gas? my neighbor has one exactly like it and did the same thing and there was water in the gas. another thing to check is your oil level.

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    As mentioned above, always change the plugs first with problems like this, they are small diameter & are notorious for fouling, they don't always visually look fouled, but can be!
    Could be bad or contmainated fuel.
    Also take the air filter out & run it. If the oil has been overfilled, then the air filter could be fouled.

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    Thanks for all the feedback
    I believe many of the items have been investigated & addressed
    with the exception of an oil contaminted air filter, oil level
    however I'll recheck it all, it's always a good idea to back track, go back over the basics, etc...

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    If it runs bad when cold look for fuel problems. Runs bad Hot look for electrical problems. I agree with all the above suggestions. How many hours on the jet? It could be tight valves (very unlikley unless the ski has lots of hours). Make sure the water pissers are putting out. If the engine is over heating it might jump into a limp home mode.


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    I've checked all the suggestions as listed above, system is still malfunctioning, bought the craft used & apart from the previous owner
    After close inspection, I did find a small pool/mixture of water & oil in the bottom of the air filter compartment, thinking that came from
    the oil being changed, refilled too full, the oil level was a bit above the full line, so I reduced it back down to half way between the add & full mark, checked the compression: 170 all
    Changed the plugs, new fuel with fuel system cleaner, high concentration of Sta-bil, checked the fuel pressure 45 psi,
    After getting it all back together, started, ran: bogs / Hesitates pretty bad off idle, tried enriching the system with some carb spray into the throttle body upon accelerating to check for a lean condition, but it made no difference
    So it sounds like a problem in the computer/ignition system, possibly bad sensor, power supply issue, etc...
    With its type of computer system if it had a bad computer component wouldn’t it give a trouble for a specific computer component failure?

    I do have access to the factory manual, another craft with the same system if it comes down to trying some parts swapping, etc…
    However I think it's always good practice to develop one's skills via following sensible proper procedures

    Of course to start off & in the concept of saving time I like to get feedback from others of the typical faults with this type of vessel

    By the way It’s got about 100 hrs on it


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    Clearly the problem is your VX ride plate. I think you should sell your stock one to me for my FZS and that will fix your problems...ha ha

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