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    How do I replace the rear trailer lights (bulb only)

    I was so happy to get my ski out of storage today and begin getting it ready for the lake. Upon hooking up the trailer, I checked the lights only to find that one rear light wasn't working.

    I got it home, opened the casing, to find some minimal corrosion and a dead bulb. "No big deal" I thought. "I'll just remove the bulb and put in a new one" I wasn't so lucky...the corrosion was so bad that the bulb broke in my hand. I had to use pliers to get the rest of it out. After seeing how stuck it was, I decided to look at the other (working) light. It was fine, no corrossion. However, that buld seems jammed in as well.

    So how are you supposed to get these bulbs in at out? Looks like it takes to much pressure to do so.

    Also, not sure if different setups exist, but these bulbs seem to slide into a hole in a mounting bracket causing 2 small "bumps" on the end of the battery to contact to metal plates.


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    Issue resolved. Went to O'Reilly's and they had the same model of light housings, just a newer/better model. So I bought some. Total cost: $17. No biggie.

    Will probably just get an LED set later this summer, time permitting.

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    I much prefer the LED lights myself and have replaced with them on two of my trailers. I also make sure that everything is waterproofed. One one set of the LED types, I opened them up and where the spliced the wires, they just put some shrink wrap tubing on it. Since one end of it was "open", it would allow water to get into it and you know in a year or so the salt water will eat the wire. So I took out my trusty old 5200 and sealed up every connector and anywhere that I thought water could seep, for example where the wires go into the molding in the LED assembly. It think that will make them last. So far so good.

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