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    99 SLTX Starter Stuck

    Hi, I just purchased a 99' SLX and a 99' SLTX 1050's. from a friend, both skis are stock. I put in brand new batteries fully charged and started them both at the house to make sure they ran.
    I went to the lake today and when I put the SLTX in the water it did not want to start. The display said "lowpwr" then the starter became stuck on, I removed the key and pushed the stop button but it was still trying to start. I had to remove the negative terminal on the battery for it to stop. I tried connecting the battery a few hours later and it was doing the same thing, it was trying to start with out the key and without pushing the start button. Any advice is greatly appreciated
    Thank you

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    The yellow with red stripe wire is the "crank" signal.You should look in the Electrical box to see what is going on.

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    The start solenoid (relay) inside the electrical box is stuck in the 'closed' position, which is supplying battery power to the starter motor.

    Either the solenoid itself is physically jammed internally, or the Start button is jammed 'on', or you have a short in the Yellow/Red wire.

    Open the electrical box, and locate the solenoid. It will have two heavy red wires connected to studs with nuts. Undo and disconnect the red wire end of the heavy red wire that goes to the starter motor. Flex that heavy cable out of the way so the end is not touching anything.

    Do not undo the other heavy red wire that connects to the battery positive (that stud also has a thin red wire).

    Now you can reconnect the battery.

    Connect the Black probe of your multi-meter to the Black wire terminals in the electrical box. Touch the other meter probe (red) to the isolated stud on the solenoid. If the solenoid is still stuck in the 'crank' mode you will measure about 12 volts. If it is no longer stuck you should measure about 0 volts.

    Next move the red meter probe to Red/Yellow wire terminal. It should measure 0 volts. When you press the Start button the voltage should jump up to battery voltage, and go back to 0 when you release.

    If the Red/Yellow wire always measures battery voltage, then the problem is with the Start button and the Red/Yellow wiring.

    If the Red/Yellow voltage goes up and down when you press and release the Start button, yet the voltage on the solenoid stud is always high then the solenoid itself needs to be replaced.

    Let us know what you find.

    Make sure the interior of the electrical box is clean, dry, and has zero corrosion.

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