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    Free Flow Exhaust Mod Questions

    For anyone with experience with teh said mod, I have some questiosn I turn to the Green Hulkl infinite knowlege:

    1. If I decide to skip the waterline re-route mod, will this effect my ski's performance? what about my ski's reliability?

    2. When installing the bypass fitting, should it be in the exact place Riva suggests in their instruction pictures? I was thinking of installing it on the back of my ski (right side rear view under moulding/ railing; NorthWest of silver tie-down under railing). Would this be a good spot or not? I was thinking maybe not since it is succeptable to being submerged. Would this matter?

    3. What line is connected to the bypass fitting? I know in the hull the fitting is connected to a Riva-supplied bypass line which is connected to a stock line. Which stock line is this? I want to make sure I hook the correct line up.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Just tryign to get my ski running right for MudBug 2011. Thanks Hulksters.

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    I called Riva when I put mine in and the only thing they told me would be affected is if you idle for a while it will take a second to blow out the extra water in the waterbox. I never noticed any hesitation when I get on it after idling out of my canal. I have put on over 200 hours on my ski since putting in my FF and no problems.

    If you do decide to install it which I would say don't waste your time but if you do I would think you can put it anywhere.

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    Thanks for the insight Sportsman. I went ahead and done it today (got bored waiting for pump to be rebuilt). Just followed the directions from Riva and put it where they told me to. Really didnt want to but the guy I talked to at Riva told me that if you dont do it as specified from Riva, then they cannot guarantee the performance of the modificaton. Plus they would not be liable for any shortage in performance snce the mod wasnt done as instructed, blah blah blah. So I went ahead and done it. I think I done it correctly.

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