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    RR cam and porting work

    Has anybody tried just the RR cam without headwork? Does the engine
    respond or is the porting absolutely necessary. PPG sells the RR head complete, but I thought I remembered Jerry had Mark Underwood do his. Any suggestions??? Terry

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    Cam is worth 150 - 200 RPM with out head work when set up right.

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    without a dout call Niles@ Rude Performance, Had Underwood do my porting and it looked good but when I got it redone by Niles it made quite a diff. and he uses bigger titn. valves. You can tell a big diff. just by looking at it with a naked eye.

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    Not to bust your bubble jd1...I would say that both Nils an Mark are about on the same level when it comes to porting...Do not waste your $$$ on the factory ported head PPG sells..My first head was done by rotax and it sucked....My second one was done by RaceTech and it is pretty much a picture perfect job...I hear Nils is putting out some nice pieces too..He does like the oversized valves...I would definatly stick with those 2 guys when it comes to porting though...

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