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    Replacing pump bearings

    I cant find it, but someone had posted up the part numbers for pump bearings. Possibly one that could be bought at a bearing store but the other had to come out of yamaha. Curious about this, have access to a large bearing store. Getting quite a rattle on the trailer and it sure sounds like the pump, will be pulling the pump to install a new prop and have access to a press and bearing heaters while im in school at the moment.

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    I posted about my experience with the pump bearings here (post #236):

    Also read Duke's stick about the freezer bearing removal method That method is so easy it's funny!

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    The bearings are a 6206 and 6305.

    I had to changed mine after 50 hours because the seals failed. Just out of warranty of coarse. I used the C3 range. Not sure if that was right but I spoke to a few fitters that I work with and they said it should be right. 25 hours later all good.

    Have you had your pump out yet. You will be able to tell straight way if they are gone.

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    Did some research, the standard style 6206 and 6305 are rated for 7600rpm and 8000rpm respectively. Is this something to be concerned about? Im turning up to 8600. Likely the bearing failure due to water so the full seal is best but is the seal blowing out due to rpm? By jumping to a non contact seal we lose the 100% seal but they are good to 11000rpm. Curious, If we run the full seal over speed it will likely burn up the seal, so why not start without a full seal? Logic says that water shouldnt (key word shouldnt, nothing perfect and we do see water inside the bearings)...

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