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    Riva sponsons on a 2006 RXP

    Hello , I was wanting to know the handling changes to expect
    from the riva pro sponsons over stock and the speed changes when mounted in each of the three settings ?
    These will be on a 2006 RXP with stage I and riva pro block offs.

    Also can I run 114 octane fuel with no problems?
    I know it would be over kill but would it cause problems on a stock engine?

    Thank you
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    Welcome to the forum!

    With the Riva sponsons you need to run them all the way down in the lowest position. The sponsons improve handling and straightline tracking thru chop.

    No, you do not want to run race gas in your basically stock ski. It can be detrimental to performance. Race gas has a slower flame front and should only be used on very high compression engines, or engines with massive amounts of boost and timing.

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    Thank you Green Hulk.
    I have them installed in the middle position now and have not run the ski yet.
    Should I go ahead and move them down ?
    I mostly run in calm water to light chop.

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    I tried this many times as well.

    If you want to have fun with the ski, go into the middle position. The back of the ski will tend to slide when you are doing the corner..

    If you want to stick in the track, then go all the way down.

    I put mine in the middle position now, it is more fun

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    Have you tried it in the upper position ?
    I was wondering how the upper position would compare to
    the stock sponsons ?
    and change in top end speed if any in the settings?

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    I have never tried the upper position. But, on the middle position the back of the ski is sliding when you are running the top speed..

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