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Thread: Antifreeze leak

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    Antifreeze leak

    I have a 2004 GTX SC and I have noticed over the winter that I have a leak at the bottom of the ski where the hose goes to the ride plate. The hose comes from the thermostat and goes to the ride plate. I have wiped it off thinking maybe I had spilled antifreeze when I topped the coolant tank off and the end of the season, but after a couple of days the antifreeze was back it just gathers around the bottom of the hose where it goes to the ride plate. There is not like a ton of antifreeze all over the place just a small amount that gathers at the bottom of the hose in the little ridge that is there and it doesn't go past that spot it just stays there and gathers. Any ideas as to what this could be and or what I can do to make the leak go away? Looking foward to the ideas that you all have to come my way. Thanks

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    I have the same problem with my 04 rxp. Is there any way to seal the fitting without having to take the rideplate off?


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    Do you guys still have the factory clamp on there? If so repalce them with a good worm type clamp! Just use a pair of plyers to move the factory clamp down off the hose connection then open up the worm clamp and place it on there! Mine will still leak a little when cold or when it sits with pressure built up in the system go figure!

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    I have the same issue on my GTX 2009. Noticed it after the winter. The clamps are tight enough. The rubber hose is presse in just a bit by the clamp. That's the way it should be? And the weird thing is that it's on both hoses going into the hull/ride plate.

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    i have a 04 rxp and my factory clamps looked fine, it was leaking, went to change them and the factory ones were cracked, and fell off.

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