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    Removing Ultra 150 carbs

    When removing the carbs on a Ultra 150. Do you have to take the plate that holds the choke, throttle, and oil injection off? Or can you just take the cable for the throttle and choke and undo them from there shafts?

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    I think you can leave the mounting bracket in place. It's been a while since I took mine off. Loosen the screw that secures the choke cable to the lever arm and you can pull the cable out. When you remove the screws holding the carbs, I think you can twist them around to get slack and slide the cable end from the throttle shaft pulley. If not, loosen the throttle cable nut closest to the carbs only and slide the nut, washer, and rubber boot down the cable to release it from the bracket, then you can remove the cable end from the throttle shaft pulley. If you only remove one nut, you shouldn't mess up the throttle cable adjustment when you put it back together.

    Hope that makes sense. It's easier to do it than describe it.

    Carefully inspect the cable that goes to the oil pump pulley, they tend to fray badly.

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    I just removed mine last night and it is a lot easier on you if you will take the bracket off remove the front 3 exhaust bolts slide the exhaust and stinger out of the way so you can get to the tension clamp on the flame arrestor then get your carbs out. just my .02

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    I just split my air box a part and then undo the clamps on the other half of the air box.

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