Hi all, just thought i might point out some flaws in the design of the rear fuse box of the 2010 RXTX near the battery, as it lead to some frustration and being stranded 200m from shore Basically the rear fuse box on the left had its lid fall off (it was a choppy day) exposing the relay and fuses to brackish water and the inevitable short circuit across the relay. Upon further inspection i noticed that electrolysis fluid was leaking out the relay which had its prongs all blackened/corroded, and that this was not new and must have been forming for some time before I bought it (its 2 weeks old). Without this little relay NONE of the electrics work and you are screwed So i dried it all and managed to start it on shore, took it to the dealer who said they had never seen this before and they replaced all the electrics in the rear. But the point is water should not be able to get to that area or sit and dry there so how did it previously corrode? Neither should the lid pop off during riding. I talked to several guys down there and some said they had similar problems across the model years so this is not new.
Hopefully this helps anyone who experiences these symptoms and are stressing out that their ski is dead and wont start, check your fuse boxes etc that they arent getting wet no matter what model you have.