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    Please Help 2000 gp1200 cutting out

    Hi. I've recently bought a 2000 gp1200 w/ 120 hrs on it. Been out a few times now since its been serviced after purchase, and it seems to burn oil extremely fast, or at least the first time. Cut out, oil dry, assumed the issue, towed in. 2nd time out, fluids full around, strong for an hour then dies on me, loses power in full throttle, like it chokes out. Either won't start or stay on after this begins to happen, nor gain more than a quick 5 mph boost upon throttle play. Not sure what's going on. Eventually it wont even start. The oil level seemed to be fine the 2nd time around and there was still plenty off gas in the tank. Please help! I am a novice w/ these types of crafts and I can only think of fuel filters, pumps etc. Welcome to any suggestion, thanks

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    If its burning a lot of oil you may have filed the plugs. does it smoke excessively if it is using more oil than normal the oil injection cable may be out of adjustment. if you have a compression gauge check the compression to rule out engine damage. it could be something as simple as water in the gas or trash ti carbs. or converter broke loose restricting exhaust.

    If plugs are ok and compression around 110 +or- it could just be fuel/carb issues.

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    It doesn't sound simple.... In fact it sounds like it's seizing up for some reason. You really need to find a GPR-SPECIFIC mechanic that lives around you, to look at it. Dealers are no help. They will rape you like a prison bitch.

    There are a ton on here, so You might post up some more info and see if you can get someone to give you a place to start.

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    welcome to the forum

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