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    2002 Genesis i no fuel

    We were riding the skis today and after about four hours the one I was riding acted like it ran out of fuel and died, tried to start it a few times and it really acted like it was out of gas though the tank was 3/4 full. After towing it in I put the gauges on the fuel line while cranking and got no pressure. Took the fuel pump assembly out and installed it in the other ski and it started right up and ran fine. No breakers tripped or fuses burned. I've read prior posts that talked about no spark but haven't found any about no fuel. Can anyone help me please?

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    Welcome Green Hulk

    Do you have 12volts to the fuel pump ? I'm pretty sure it's the red/wht wire

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    Red/white should always be hot, ground is switched on to activate the pump. You can unplug the pump and use jumpers to power the pump to test it.

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    You have two Ficht PWC - correct?

    Did you put the 'bad' fuel pump in the good PWC, or put the 'good' fuel pump in the bad PWC?

    If the good fuel pump works in the bad ski, then check the pressure regulator inside the 'bad' fuel pump.

    How to repair a Ficht fuel pump - pressure regulator has fallen inside
    Symptoms include very low fuel pressure, rough running above idle, engine surging, and lack of power above idle.
    Red light and 'Check Engine' message typically appear on the display.
    Alternative Ficht fuel pump repair using Kawasaki 16162-3701 inline pressure regulator

    If the good fuel pump does not work in the bad ski, then check the electrical power, as others have mentioned. The fuel pump should have 12 volt power at all times. The EMM grounds the Brown wire to run the fuel pump.

    For more info and related notes, click my signature links, look for the Ficht section.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

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    Thank you for the welcome and the replies.

    I will check for power to the pump this afternoon after work, I think that has to be the problem because the pump off of the "bad ski' will work in the "good ski" but the pump off of the ski that is running will not work on the ski that stopped.

    If there is no power to the pump would it be a bad wire in the harness or is there a fuse or something in the line?

    Again thanks for the replies.

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    Okay I got back from work today and grounded the brown wire and the pump ran. Pinched the return hose and got + - 30 psi on the gauge. Took off the return hose and cranked the engine and got no flow. Grounded the brown wire and cranked it right up and it's running now. So, what does this mean? Evidently as long as I provide a ground for the brown wire it will run just fine but what would be causing the problem? I'm kind of at a loss here. Any help would be appreciated.



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