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    How Much Is It Worth?

    I have a line on a 2001 Genesis. Not sure whether it is carbed or not. Apparently it is NOT running as there are electrical issues with it. No trailer. What's the usual price range for something like this?

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    It really depends on your local market and what is actually wrong with the ski and its overall cosmetic condition. Unless the seller can tell you for sure what the issue is then you are taking a chance so you have to put yourself in a good position financially to start with. I bought my 02 Genesis I with a recently rebuilt engine (SBT) and trailer for $400 last year. It wasnt running at the time but I couldnt possibly turn it down because the trailer alone would go for $500 all day long. Turned out to be a bad EMM so off to DFI it went for a rebuild. This was probably more the exception than the norm as far as what I paid for the ski however there are deals out there.

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    Last year I paid $1500 for an '01 carb'd with a single trailer.

    A few weeks ago I bought an '02 FFI with a double trailer...but it needed a stator.

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    Appreciate the info guys. This at least gives me some idea of what I'd be looking at for a ballpark figure.

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    Keep in mind that if is is an FFI model and the EMM is bad, you're looking at $700+ for the repair.

    If it's carb'd and they just tell you it has "electrical problems" plan on a new CDI and stator @ $4-500 + labor.

    Gives you a good bargaining point to start with.

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    Actually the EMM repair is a bit cheaper than that. According to DFI's website the current rate is $549 with full functional check.

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