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    re-oil injectioning

    Hi guys & girls,

    I have a 98 STX1100 which has been converted to premix. I dont like how much smoke it blows at idle and the black marks all over the back of my 'ski

    What is involved in putting the oil injection setup back in. It has all been removed (prior to me buying it), and is it worth while or should I just put up with the smoke. Is currently mixed at 50:1

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    You'll need to buy a pump and tank. Either find somebody here or on PWCWeekly that has removed theirs and buy, or look on Ebay. Replace the hoses with polyurethane hose. Use stainless steel safety wire to secure the hose. Make sure you get the oil level sending unit with the tank.

    You would be smart to pull the front cover off the engine and check the condition of the bearings for the oil pump drive coupling. I just replaced mine, much cheaper to buy the bearings at a bearing shop than from Kawasaki. While you have the cover off, remove the plate on the front and make sure it's not packed with dirt in the cooling passage. I've seen a couple that were completely plugged.

    Don't forget to prime the pump and lines before running it, and I'd run pre-mix for the first outing just to make sure the oil injection system is working OK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AshSTX View Post
    Hi guys & girls,
    I dont like how much smoke it blows at idle and the black marks all over the back of my 'ski
    Try this first before going back.
    Use full synthetice TWC3 certified 2-stroke oil and do 75:1 premix. Some synth oil claims 100:1 ratio for engines requiring 50:1 ratio with reg oil. Synth oil makes much less smoke.

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