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    98 SLH wont stay running but runs great with reving while starter is engaged, help

    I have 2 issues, the engine doesn't stay running and the MFD is not working.

    My 98 SLH turns over strong and starts right up with a little throtle. It then immediately dies. I can leave the starter engaged and the engine will run strong, reving and idling. But as soon as I let off the starter, the engine dies. This is a new battery and the ski has been sitting a while. The carbs seem to be clean and respond quickly to throtle changes, but that is while the starter is engaged.

    Is there a run wire that needs to have a charge or is that part of one of these sensors?

    My display has also not been working for years, but everything else has run well. I have never opened the electrical box on the battery. I assume this is where the fuse for the MFD is?

    I would appreciate any direction or help.


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    Yes, there is a 1/4 Amp fuse inside the electrical box, which powers the MFD. Only replace with another 1/4 Amp rated fuse, not a higher Amp rated fuse.

    Until you get the MFD working, unplug it from the connector on the back of the MFD. Sometimes a bad MFD will mess up the ignition system.

    Does the bilge pump work when you press the button while the engine is off?

    Does the holding the bilge button down affect the engine start/running?

    Have a look at the links below

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    Stays running as long as the starter button is pressed ? You do have a Lanyard installed under the stop button ? Other wise I would take a good look at the stop button.

    Yes there is a fuse in the elect box for the MFD. Make sure you use the same 1/4 amp fuse.

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