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    ultra 250 skipping prob please help!!!!!!

    alright here is the complete story. its a 2007 ultra 250x around 30 hrs and here is what happened. my dad went to put gas in to the ski and apparently the gas can had more water than gas. it did get ran but started skipping and once i found out what he had done i took it out of the water and took it home. i sucked the tank completely dry and i know bc i used a bore scope to check, pulled all the gas lines and filters out and cleaned them, took injectors and rail off and cleaned them also. so after i let every thing dry out after cleaning and put it back together it will crank up and run fine out of the water. But when you put it in the water and crank it, it starts off fine and will accelerate fine then immediately start "skipping" and wont hardly go anywhere... its not the coils wires or plugs bc once it starts skipping you can check with light or pull wires off individually off each cylinder and each dies down... i think its something to do with the ecu, injectors, or some sensor that i dont know about. does anyone have any information that may help me out? any input is appreciated ahead of time.

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    I would change the plugs anyway in this scenario. Sounds like its misfiring under load. If not plugs, I would next suspect coils. Also I would change the oil to make shure no water got in there by chance.

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    I concur

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    already done all this got new coils new wires and plugs and changed oil... got to be something that the water did bc it did not to it before but what could it be????

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    Check fuel pressure? or possible bad injector? Sounds like may be starving for fuel

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