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    oil block off in ski

    I have a sl750 and want to run pre mix but am unsure if i can pull the oil pump without pulling the motor or carbs and help would be nice. And how reliable are the oil pumps?

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    Lots of opinions on these older skis. The consensus is that the oil pumps are very reliable but the lines and etc are not and need replacing on a routine/inspection basis.When they fail there goes your engine.
    I went pre-mix for reliability and simplicity.

    Removing the oil pump is do-able but…. Extremely! , Extremely ! ….difficult, as you have to use a combination of mirrors to see. Be aware the Allen head bolts that hold the pump in place are Metric. Drain the tank before you remove the oil lines.

    I first tried to seal the Block-Off Plate using an O-ring, but discovered that just would not work.( Couldn’t get hands in there). I finally used thin gasket material (made a gasket) coating all sides with RTV, which sealed OK.

    I also wired in, a 33-35 ohm resistor in the oil indicator line to fool the MFD.[Now shows Full all of the time]

    ....keep it simple

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    Correct, very tough to do while in the ski. NOT impossible though...

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    WHy not just replace all the oil lines and filter and keep the injection??? You will use half the amount of oil and can fill up multiple times without having to have oil with you

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    just for the reinsurance that i have enough oil pressure for everything

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