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Thread: 1050 heads?

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    1050 heads?

    Okay, I'm looking at Babbitts website for a head for my 98 SLXH 1050. That part number reference is 3022025. There are no substitute numbers. Just for kicks, I look up the 97 SL1050 and it references two part numbers. The 3022025 which evidently they don't make anymore since I called them to get one. The 97 however lists a substitute number of 3022050. You can get those for $23.44 a piece. I got the, "I'm not sure if that will work" comment from the lady I was talking to. She's just the person who takes the orders and told me to call back later when a technical person would be there. Since they are essentially both the same engines, I went ahead and bought three new heads just in case. Well, they are different. Sorry about the crappy pics. These are from a cell phone, but you get the idea. The one on the left is the new 3022050. The one on the right is the old 3022025. The new one is .80 mm thicker and it's hard to see from the crappy pic, the top water port is not as wide as the old one. On the new head, the bevel starts into the head, it's not as aggressive, then as it makes it way towards the spark plug hole, the throat is at a deeper angle. As the old head starts the bevel, it's more of an aggressive angle, and when it starts it's way towards the sparkplug hole, it's angle is more shallow. My explanation probably sucks, but I just wonder if these new heads will fit my 98 SLXH 1050 since they are different, yet the 97 calls for the 3022025 (old) head but you can substitute it for this new 3022050 head.
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    The 97 1050 uses both part numbers. The 3022025 dome is a larger dome (44.6cc) therefore runs at 15lbs less compression than the 3022050 (40.8cc). On the 97 setup, the 025 dome is used on the centre cylinder, pto and mag use 050. The 97 is an odd setup, it's the only model in the service manual that specifies different factory compression accross the cylinders. I'm not sure why this is, but it is! That would tell me the 97 CDI may well have a different setup as well. Notably the carbs are also different on the 97, both use 40mm Keihins however the 97's didn't have midrange jets and also had larger mains prob due to increased compression. It was a strange year for the 1050 power plant. I would go with 025 domes accross the board for the 98 model, which is the factory spec and should give you around an even 135lbs compression on a fresh rebuild.

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    Quote from my 1050 project thread. Run the 50's on all 3 cylinders

    Quote Originally Posted by Tony View Post

    ........I needed one dome and bought the 92 HSP domes rather than buying a single stock dome. I'm not sure anyone knows for sure why the stock center dome has lower compression but I think the general consensus here on the forums is that either the exhaust gas flow or maybe even the water flow through the stock exhaust manifold may contribute to higher combustion chamber temps and therefore Polaris lowered the compression to help offset the higher temps..

    The 92 HSP domes give me 150#'s across the board. I have had no issues running 93 octane pump gas. Hope this helps.

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    I have a thread about this from when I was rebuilding my sltx...I'll try to dig it up when I get back to a real computer.

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    As urugol explained, both were used on the '97. But both had the same cooling passages. Which is really cunfusing-I have both styles of the 050 heads,same part number-different cooling passages,also notice the 050 has 2 slightly larger"cooling holes" between the bolt holes.As with all the heads make sure it's installed correctly.They are stamped "E X ",that points to the exhaust.

    I think the change in cooling passages-cools the cylinder differently/more evenly. I changed from 025 to 050 heads on a 700 and didn't have any cooling issues. I think it's important to have them all the same.
    The 1200's use the smaller cooling openings and work fine.

    Running compression may be an issue,and may be why the "97 used the 025 in the center cyl.
    The '97 exhaust pipe has a different #, not sure if that's because of the different hull. It appears that in '98-'99 Polaris just dropped the compression on all 3 cylinders-so not sure what will happen by raising the compression.It will definetly need to be tuned/jetted properly.
    Others have installed high compression-after market heads and not had issues.After proper tuning.

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