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Thread: paging ArmyRXP!

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    paging ArmyRXP!

    Hey Gary! How ya been dooin`? Haven`t seen ya for awhile, hope all is good!...Hoorah!...PR...

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    Doing well, just a few more months to do then wil be home for one riding season then off to Iraq as we are being told right now.

    I did make it home in late Sept. and went out on the Yellow girl and let me tell you I thought my wife was lying when she told me my buddy and his daughter hit 8100 rpms on it and the dreemo was showing 73-75 during the summer heat on the Saint Lawrence but when i took it out with a full tank I hit the same thing. She would not get off of 8100 rpms some times i got a blip or two to 8150. The wife said she saw 8200 on it one day. She has 110 hrs on it and all stock except Riva grate, and runs great. Had a blast but was short vacation didn't have much time to do anything but relax with the wife and dogs. The next day after riding winterized both skis nad put them up for the wife.

    Should be home in late Feb so will get the chance to come that way and ride with you guys next year. Will try to get some mods done before we ride.


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    Awesome bro! Gald to hear your hangin in there! Sorry to hear you have to go back there . Keep in touch with us when you can, You are all in our prayers, and thank you for what you do! Salute!!!!!...PR...

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