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    My engine won't turn over. Starter tries but it won't turn over. Battery is fully charged. I am afraid gas has filled the cylinder over the winter. I left the gas on.

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    Pull the plugs and see if you can turn it by hand. Then check the pump for freedom of movement the wearings like to swell over time.

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    Won't rurn over with plugs out. Looks dry inside. How do I turn it over by hand?

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    Quote Originally Posted by seadiddydoo View Post
    Won't rurn over with plugs out. Looks dry inside. How do I turn it over by hand?
    spin the coupling

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    The more details you provide, the more help folks will provide.

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    Before you break any thing down make sure it not a electrical. It might just be a blown fuse or a ground problem Sound like the drive shaft bearings are rusted or pump bearings. Make sure there are no rocks that got kick up from the road in your pump housing and see if the prop is hitting the sides of the wear ring. Your Friends might be messing with you and stuck a piece of wood in the end of the pump. Just kidding, I hope it not the motor. I would start buy pulling the pump. see if it turns. Then go to the drive shaft. see if it turns. and then the motor. see if it turns. If the motor doesn't turn over I would check the starter It might be stuck and lock up on to the starter wheel. Might be the magneto. Sometimes a pieces of something will get caught between fly wheel and the magneto. Thats is what happen to a snowmobile that I had and the motor wouldn't pull over. But last resort. If thats not it. I think the motor is in trouble. Good Luck

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