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    BBSD6 Official Announcement

    Impros Blythe Bound Smack Down - BBSD 6 -Official Announcement

    Well, it’s finally that time of year again…BBSD! Come join us for the 6th Annual Impros Blythe Bound Smack Down (“BBSD”), June 11th and 12th 2011 at Twin Palms Resort, Blythe CA. Everyone is welcome.

    BBSD6 hasn’t even started and it is already better than last year, when we had several great companies step up to help sponsor the Saturday dinner while also providing a huge list of raffle prizes. This year, we have twice as many companies joining in, with more expected to be announced later. As a result, we’ll be able to help provide support to two great charities, while expanding the raffle to its biggest ever.

    We’d like to start by showing our appreciation to the companies that have stepped up to support BBSD and the charities. It’s these types of companies that help keep our industry going. With these companies all contributing to BBSD6, we will have prizes totaling well over $3,000.

    Primary Supporters
    Once again, Steve at Kommander Industries ( Industry leading aftermarket performance race shop and a co-participant in making this weekend happen. A big thank you to Steve and his family for joining in the fun with us.

    Solas ( Solas is a manufacturer of performance aftermarket pwc impellers and boat propellers, and is now one of the best-known and trusted names in propellers for outboard/stern drive and impellers for personal watercraft / jet boats.

    Quad Tech ( Founded in 1996 by Professional Jet Ski World Champion Bill "Wild Bill" Pointer, Quad Tech-ATV today dominates the all-terrain vehicle carbon fiber industry.

    Contributing Sponsors
    Stitch Industries ( PWC mat kits and seat covers
    Bomber Eyewear ( Quality, floating eyewear
    Maxima Racing Oils ( Leader in specialty racing lubricants
    Smith Optics ( Performance and stylish eyewear and goggles
    Image Pro Design (http://www.imageprodesign) Innovative design, marketing and branding
    KMG Racing ( PWC racing team and industry ambassadors
    Spy Optic ( Premium eyewear for active lifestyles

    The point of Impros Blythe Bound Smack Down is having fun! It doesn’t matter if you ride a stand up, or prefer a sit down, bring it! If you want to run buoys with friends (old and new), bring it! If you just want to hang out and chow on some free food, bring…uh WE got it! Impros will be hosting free dinner for Saturday night for everyone in attendance. There are full hook-ups at this camping resort, and plenty of hotels available a few miles south in Blythe. We’ll also be bringing a few of our Hooker impellers available for you to throw in your ski to try out (a few already in pumps for ease of installation), as well as some Solas impellers for those that want to pull their pump and try one out.

    Once again, BBSD6 T-shirts will be available.
    The shirts can be pre-ordered anytime, by visiting the following link:
    When ordering, you can choose whether you want the shirt and ticket shipped to you before the event, or if you’d rather have us bring it to the event for you. The shirts will be printed two weeks before the event, and only a limited number will be available after the pre-order. The shirts and tanks are all $15, and as usual come with one free raffle ticket. Extra raffle tickets can be purchased when you order your shirt, plus we’ll have them available at BBSD. As it gets closer to the raffle, we’ll announce the prizes, but the prize list is already over $3,000 strong. Just a reminder, a portion of every t-shirt sold and the proceeds from the raffle tickets will go to the BBSD charities. Thanks again to all of our great supporters for such a great pool of prizes.

    We want to emphasize that this is just a fun weekend at the river for all of us to ride, meet, break bread and enjoy a day at the river with friends. Also a chance for us to give personal thanks- if it weren’t for great people like you, Impros wouldn’t exist.

    Ok, now the dirty little details:
    1) This is NOT in any way, an organized event or sanctioned day. It is simply a “River Trip” for us, and we’re telling our friends. A way for everyone to meet new faces and say hello to our old friends too. PWC riding can be EXTREMELY dangerous! Some people, like us, even get hurt trying to burn meat on the BBQ. Impros, the contributing sponsors, Twin Palms Resort, or any of us for that matter are not responsible for your actions on the water, the beach or anywhere else at BBSD. We accept ZERO responsibility for injuries, death or too much fun resulting from riding on the river, drinking, Slash impersonations, etc.... Ride at your own risk! Just bring your tow rope (if you are on an old 440), favorite beverage, suntan lotion and enjoy.

    2) We at Impros cannot put out buoys and are not responsible for any that coincidentally show up in the water. In the past, there have always been a few riders that bring some, but it’s at their own free will, and if you choose to ride around them, it’s at your own risk. It’s the Colorado River, and you’re free to do what you want (for the most part anyway), and we hope that you have a great, safe time, but act responsibly. Nevertheless, it’s our advice that you should bring and wear a helmet if you choose to ride on anyone’s course.

    3) We have also spoken with the owner of the resort, and he is excited to have us back. All he asks is that everyone entering his property check in at the office/general store and get either a day-use parking or camping permit.

    We look forward to seeing you there!
    The Impros Crew

    When: June 11th and 12th 2011
    Where: Twin Palms Resort, Blythe, CA
    Twin Palms Resort: (760) 922-2929

    For directions, camping rates, and even a few pictures, visit
    You need to call Twin Palms Resort to reserve your site. When you call, make sure to mention that you’re calling for the Impros BBSD.

    If you’re curious about how and why BBSD came about, feel free to visit the following link for a complete write-up, and a recap of BBSD5
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    There are always a few runabout folks there, so don't be shy. This is a great group of folks, and You will have a great relaxing weekend. I'm thinking Joe, myself, possibly Oside, OU812, Chris, Kevin, Rudedawg, Ted, and a few more folks may show up. You can tent camp too. There is 120Vac too, so you can get away with a tent, and an AC if it gets hot. Last year was absolutely perfect weather.

    Also, let's say some buoys accidentally fall in the water, and you have to drive around them. There are plenty of folks out there who are willing to give first timers a quick lesson on running the buoys.

    Pics from last year.

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    I called the Twin Palms resort and they are all booked for the 11th and 12th. They will take day pass. Does anyone know of another place to stay? Can you tent camp along the river or is that prohibited? Is thare other resorts close by? Which hotels are recomended?

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