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    1999 SLTH 700 exhaust removal

    Searched and can't find it. I'm new to PWC, so I may not have used the correct terms. Everybody just says remove exhaust, but doesn't mention the trick for actually getting it out of the hull. The pipe is fully disconnected, the water box is out, the hoses are disconnected, but I can't seem to find a position to actually squeeze it out of the hull. What's the trick? Does the exhaust manifold have to come off too? Thanks in advance.

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    On my 2 seat 700's,I'm gueesing your SLTH will be the same. Yes, you need to remove the exhaust manifold to get the pipe out. There are 6 bolts holding the manifold on. ( 3 per cylinder )

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    Thanks for the reply. I wish it said something about that in a manual somewhere. Everything I've read says remove water box, undo hoses, remove bolts, remove exhaust pipe. Alot of the paint is scratched off on mine, so I was going to sand blast it and powder coat. I guess I'll hand sand it and paint brush it.

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