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    UMI Steering- A word of warning

    I know quite a few of you guys run UMI steering setups as do I but after my recent experience, I felt the need to post this warning to you all.

    If you have a UMI setup, please do the following if you have not done it already.

    On the outside parts of the clamps that attach to the bars is a 90 degree sharp edge, this needs to be replaced with a chamfer or over time it will cause metal fatigue on the handle bars.

    this is a problem that companies such as Renthal have on their bars to let MX riders know of the dangers metal fatigue can create.

    this is because the UMI setup is made very strong using billet and its got zero give in it, so over time the stress on your bars may end up like the attached pic.

    I fixed mine up using my trusty air grinder and was very lucky to escape without serious injury, if you put a chamfer on your UMI setup on those outside edges, it should stop it happening to you.

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    Tell everyone the truth........Lesson learned take the girls back home into bed and dont bend them over on your ski. They will grab on to the closest thing. Are you sure Kevin wasn't with you? He tends to bring the sheep out and get into trouble.

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    Glad you are ok Izz!!!
    I did just that, prior to mounting up the bars I radiused the sharp edges of the caps and saddle.
    I remember reading about that when I purchased my bars, but I don`t remember "where" I read it...sorry...

    It might have been in an installation note from Pro Taper in the package...

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    Damn Izzo Glad your OK

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