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    Hey everybody, I'm brand new to both the forums and the Boating/ PWC World and I have some questions before I make my first PWC Purchase.

    I Have 3 Models I may potentially purchase they are
    • 2001 Yamaha Waverunner 800GPR
    • 2001 Yamaha Waverunner 1200GPR
    • 1999 SeaDoo GSX Limited
    All three have under 100 hours, and look pretty good cosmetically. Would you guys be able to give me some insight about these models. Maybe which one to steer towards or facts about each, the price in in the same range for all three. If any know problems or things I should make sure to ask the seller before I spend 3500 Dollars I would really appreciate it. I really am a fan of Yamaha so my heart is leading me there but I may be willing to buy the seadoo if it's a better deal.


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    Out of those 3 I would choose the GP1200. The only issue is that it is triple card so its a bit of $ to rebuild. I myself had a GP800 and loved it. I rode a GP1200 and it was faster and a blast to ride.

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    Thanks for the response! I'm really leaning towards the GP1200 it has 40hours on it and he said he would take 3500 with trailer, since everybody on here is more knowlegable about these than me, how much longer can I expect the Carbs to last before rebuilding given that I will winterize and Stabilize the fuel in the winter months?

    Also the guy that's trying to sell me the 1999 seadoo GSP Limited says this model is fuel injected is he full of BS?

    Thanks again,

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    Well the seadoo GSX limited has carbs. but the GSX RFI had fuel injection personally i would stay with Yamaha. if your looking for speed the 1200 is a good platform ski with a lot of after-market parts out there. the carbs. aren't to bad on a stock ski rebuilding them is just one of them things that eventually has to be done on all of them. just make sure you do a compression test on what ever you buy and ride it. im not talking about backing it off the trailer going 100 yards and coming back. ride it for 30 minutes or more run it wide open then let it idle run it long enough to get the engine to normal operating temp. the 800 will use less fuel and looks just as good just doesnt have as much power but still a fun reliable ski to ride.

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    Yeah, in this case I would choose the GP1200 or even the 800 if its super clean.

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    Thanks alot guys i really appreciate your input. I wouldnt have looked at compression if you guys hadnt suggested it. I've never done a compression test, what do I need to do? And what would be a good reading for the yamaha's?

    Thanks Again

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    Here you go:

    Look for 110 as a minimum - the most important thing is that there is less than 5% difference between cylinders. So for example, if 1 reads 110 and the other reads 70 then you need to rebuild your top end.

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    If you buy the GPR1200, be prepared to spend money...especially if you frequent this forum. You'll find all sorts of neat performance bolt ons, reliability mods, maintenance ideas, and spare parts!!! And if (when) it blows up, triples are a bit more expensive to rebuild.

    If the ski costs $3500, then make sure you have a spare $1000 or more laying around for upkeep/repairs/maintenance.

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