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    IC Cap (Ever Happen To You?)

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    Has this ever happend to any of you? Thank god I decided to go back in shore when the ski stopped going pass 44mph (but sounded healthy). Before that it was only doing 55-59.

    The next day I was tring to figure out how come so much water was inside the hull. I thought it was because I had removed the hull intake hoeses. But then though no wasn't that rough!!

    Then I spoted the lose IC Cap!!

    I put it all back together and the ski now doing 63.9 GPS, Sea Temp 67, Flat salt water, sitting up-right
    2008 SHO
    Riva Charger Wheel
    Removed Intake Ribbon
    Modified air filter (wire screen, from 2007 Sea Doo IC)
    Removed fins from the IC core
    R&D Intake Grate
    Removed wall inside waterbox
    Removed Resonator from rubber exhaust
    Cut extra lip in rubber exhaust pipe
    Cut out flapps in the exhaust end pipe (exit hull)

    BOV for rough water riding
    Proper Air Filter
    New Impellar (Don't know what to get?)
    All I want is the ski to be able to do 70-75mph. Bermuda is mainly rough salt water riding. So trying to go +80 mph on a ski is pushing it!

    For now it runs very nice, love it!!

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    WTF? Did the screws back out or what? Did you add another supply without another pisser?

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    The bolts backed out and I did tighted them. This time I used lock tight.

    QUestion: The ski previously would only hit about 7,200 est RPMs. Now it looks to be hitting 7,800-900 and the engine is "hunting" (The rythm (not sound) a diesal engine makes when idling). Is the ski hitting the Rev limiter?

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    Why did you do this?:
    Removed fins from the IC core

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    Personally I would be inclined to pull the whole intercooler out and go over every nut, bolt and seal. The stock intercoolers are useless and they are an issue waiting to happen. Pay particular attention to the bottom cap and "o" ring, apply extra sealant. Mine had a leak there and i was pushing salt water straight into my motor.

    Better yet, throw the piece of shit in the bin and buy an intercooler/BOV combo like the ones from Jet Draft or Watson Racing.

    Why is your intercooler red, did you paint it this color ?

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    [I removed the core to increase airflow. Want to try the JD IC but the budget does not allow it yet but soon. What is the Watson Racing IC like?

    All I can say is the bottom and mid range power is nice and smooth (You do have have to hold on tighter).

    I put in a new SC wheel and I hate dirty engine so I painted the SC and IC body red. I used John Deer Industiral spray paint.

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    I like the Watson I/C but the JD get great reviews aswell, personal preference. Other threads would suggest that for surf riding go with the Watson I/C due to the toughness of the mounting system. Your call !

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    Thanks, in the meantime i came across a place called them seem to speacialize in water-to-air intercoolers. Any one heard of them?

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    YES SIR, down here in FLORIDA a lots of mechanic work with those water to air intercoolers and they seem to be working perfect so you might want to check the FX SHO LIbrary you might get an idea around there

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