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    98 Sea Doo GSX Battery Draw Problem

    Heres what I'm up against:
    So i picked this 98 gsx up with a bad engine, rebuild the top and bottom end, installed the engine and everything ran great. Went back to start the ski an hour later and the battery was dead (this was a brand new battery that i put in). The side of the battery was warm so i know that i have a serious draw somewhere, the question is where to start???
    Correct me if im wrong but i believe it to be either: Stator, MPEM, or VTS (its not working currently).

    Any help here would be great!

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    Take the vts fuse out and see if the stops the draw then you will know if the vts is doing it.

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    My money is on the VTS motor. You an hook a multimeter in series with the neg batter cable to see the draw.

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