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    Riva ECU and 48"s what fuel pressure???

    Am just trying to compare what idle fuel pressure guys are running with a Riva ECU, 48"s and a RRFPR at idle with chargers around a B Kit ( or 14-15 psi) for A/F of 11.5-12 at WOT. I know that some will vary due to other mods and current temperature but would just like to compare against a couple of ski"s here Down Under!!!!

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    56lbs key pressure with boost line attached is where mine was. Vac from boost dropped it to close to 50 while idling. Riva ecu bosch 48s and an ET140rle charger.

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    I am at around 48 psi, running a Riva Pro X charger, Riva ecu and 48's with the boost line attached.

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    What about this set up with stock ecu and 48's anyone ran that or close to that? would you be ok doing that with the boost line attached and set the base pressure lower would this work.

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    50psi at idle with boost line attached but important to check rrfpr working correctly to ensure wot afr's correct,i tried 2 brand new fpr 1200's back to back once and at 50psi idle pressure one was 60psi wot and the other 64psi,same rpm and boost,so i ditched both and now use magna fuel reg no problems ever since.

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