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    DIY holeshot kit?


    New to the forum, but I have been reading about various holeshot kits. I own an 07 gp1300r. I work in a body shop where we use body filler on SMC on car panels. The filler is as strong as welds. I was wondering to save a little money, if there would be any reason that I couldn't fill the back end under the rub rail with body filler and sand? Would it not have the same effect as the holeshot kit that fills these voids with fiberglass? Since I already use this stuff on a daily basis, it would not be hard for me to do and would save me some money.


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    sure would work...the Leo holeshot piece that GPR owners use to reduce drag is basically just a molded fiberglass piece thats been pre formed to fit right under that part of the rear rub rail...3M 5200 is used and clamped to keep it in place ...I think Leo uses a rebar of some kind through the fiberglass to keep it sturdier...would you use a marine grade of some kind?

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