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    Modding stock ride plates

    I was going to pay to have my ride plate modded, but at the moment I have more time than income unfortunately ... plus a friend gave me a very nice 08 RXTX plate. I intend to go heat exchanger and mod this spare plate a bit and try some things.

    Sheeeesh! First thing I noticed ... all seven 'running surfaces', when checked for flat & level from front to back were not even close! Every surface had rocker - put a level on it and the middle was higher than the ends ... the plate 'bulged' in the middle of each running surface somewhere. Is mine unusual? Why would BRP make them this way? Strange ...

    Looks like there might be additional speed in a few areas ... one, milling the water/running surfaces so they are flat front to rear (or at least flat from front to middle, the rear dropping off a little might be OK speedwise). Two, grinding down the rear mounting tabs to give the plate some angle, and doing just enough grinding on the sides of the plate to get it to fit up nicely to the hull and sit on all the mounting tabs correctly. Three, possibly grinding a little on all the mounting tabs to tuck the whole plate up a bit ... dang thing has a gap between the hull and ride plate, unlike virtually every other plate mounting on every other ski I have looked at (go to a boat show and look underneath all the other skis, the plates are tucked INTO the hull, rather than sitting gapped ABOVE the hull).

    I am no expert on any of this, just wanted to throw this out here ... I hope to do some playing with mods on the plate. Open to input and ideas from others who have modded theirs ...

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    HiVern. I'm thinking of exactly the same thing. My Ultra 300X is unbelieveable on rough water and is a thrill to ride,here's the issue.I just replaced my 2007 Ultra lx with a 2013 Ultra Lx and right away noticed it rides not as good as my 07 or my 300X. It feels really nose heavy and is really wet because of thoughts are to mill the mounting tabs of the ride plate down in the back and maybe even relieve some of the bottom surface to hopefully allow the bow to ride higher.I could have sworn there was a post on here where a guy did exactly this and even showed it on a milling machine.I cant find that post now.I'll let you know how I make out .Good luck.steve

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    He might not see this. The post is like 2 years old...

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    Age is but a number

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