I just fired my rxp up after a valve job and some other mods. I see 145 to 150 psi and to me it seem to be in the high end..? I read a lot of threads were you guys are talking about ¨full advance'' and ''full retard'' but I'm from Europe and don't know what that means ?
All the compression tests were done on cold engine with WOT and I left the last two spark plugs in.

I did a oilchange or it happended by it self. I pulled the SC, head, intake and crank locking tool screw ++++ and called that a day. When I came out next morning my oil was under the engine instead of inside the engine But I sucked the rest of the oil out and replaced the oil filter and new oil. I just can't see how much oil I need to put in ? It seem like the dipstick get oiled all the way up when I slide it in the dipstick pipe ?

I appreciate all the help I can get