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    2000 Genesis i 1200 for parts (Ficht fuel injected engine)

    I have a 2000 Genesis i that I will be parting out shortly....if anyone has any requests for parts let me know what you want.

    I don't know if it was a running machine, when I pulled the engine there was no damage to any of the pistons. The starter was seized and would not turn the engine over. That is why the owner was selling it.

    I purchased it perhaps to repair it but I have 2 more Genesis models so I don't need all the parts from this one. I have not had this machine running nor did I ever hear it run. I can check parts on my other units to verify if possible.

    There is no EMM as I used it on one of my machines and it is working perfectly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jukican View Post
    ... There is no EMM as I used it on one of my machines and it is working perfectly.
    For those who may not have noticed, this was a Ficht fuel injected model, the Genesis i (at least, that is what I think it is)

    That means the electrical system and some other engine/fuel system parts are specific to the fuel injected version. Other parts are common with the carburetor model.

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