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    2000 GTX MPEM question

    I am a new member here but I have been reading posts here for quite some time. So anyway on to the question I guess.

    I just picked up a 2000 GTX with a 947 engine. The previous owner said he was out on the lake when the ski died. He towed it in and jump started it with his car. It ran for a short while and then died. After that the ski would not repond to the dess key.

    I dig around and find out that the motor is not siezed. I checked the stator coil with a multi meter and it measures within spec. It is definately not shorted to ground. I also looked at the MPEM. The 15 amp fuse was blown. I replaced the fuse and put in a fresh battery. Still no response to the key. I removed the MPEM for a closer look. In the center of the MPEM there is a spot the size of about a nickle that looks heat damaged. At this point I think that the MPEM is toast.

    Is it possible that jumpstarting the ski took out the MPEM and left the stator intact?

    I have a 2000 RX. Would it be possible to use it's MPEM in the place of the suspected bad MPEM just to see if that corrects the problem? Both skis have the same type of motor. The RX has VTS and the GTX does not.

    What type of ski's with salvaged MPEMs might be compatible replacements?

    Is there something else I should be looking at?

    Thanks for any help.

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    never jump a ski with a running car. that mpem is toast. get a new one and keep your fingures crossed that thats the end of it.

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    As luck would have it I found the exact MPEM on Ebay today for $250.00. Guess I have to cross my fingers twice. Once for getting a working MPEM in the mail and once for the MPEM being the end of the problems. Can anyone tell me if you can take the MPEM to the dealer and get a new DESS programed without having it in the ski?


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    nope. you gotta take the whole ski because they will hook it upto BUDS and program the mpem for the new key. they do it through the dess post if i remember correctly. some sellers will provide the working key with the mpem.

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    There are a few people (like me) that can program up keys to your mpem via mail. If you are interested, PM me......

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    I'm having issues w my 2000 GTX's starting system. when I plug in the DESS I get 1 short quick faint beep, when I push the start/stop button the alarm will sound for as long as the button is pushed in. The gauge will not time out, it just stays on.

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