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    old 97 xlt1100 bogging + weak spark

    i have an 1100 yam that boggs and backfires when reved how do you check the spark strengh other than by the eye?

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    Theres a tool that you can get from someone like snap-on, mac tools or matco that is very neat for that. You may be able to find a local automotive shop that has one.

    All you do if you can find it is plug it into one of your plug wires and then hook the ground wire up and you can look in it and see the intensity on the spark. Do it for all 3 wires and see if they are the same.

    Also something else to check if its bogging and backfiring, is if it running too rich when you rev it. That with cause the same probs.

    Hope this helps.

    Here is the same thing Im speaking of but a little different.

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