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    Help PLease 1989 650 SX Build not a expert

    i working on gettn my ski ready for summer. i have had a couple of cooling issue with this pipe probably because i am un sure on how to plumb it. also i have a question abt the ports coming in to the engine compartment from the pump 2 on the left and 1 on the right. the bottom on the left goes up to a plastic thing i assume to make vacuum effect for the self bilge thing. but the other on alone on the right goes to the exhaust manifold then out the head then should it connect to the front of the head pipe for the rest need some help!! other information the pipe i believe is a Westcoast 650sx aftermarket pipe i am going to do more research. also other mods to the ski is i have dual mukini 38 mm carb "GRS" stamped n the carbs idk if that means anything but i have the fuel runing thro the stock kethin fuel pump still is that bad? ok ?
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    howd u route the coolings lines? i also have a 650sx with a westcoast pipe and i am trying to figure out how to run the cooling lines. also theres 3 ports coming from the pump in the engine comparment 2 on the right side (looking forward) one on the left..... the lower one on the right is for the vacume on the bildge the one above it i guees is to remove water from the stock exshaust and the lone one on the right is the primairy cooling line for the engine? r these assumptions correct? how should i plumb my west coast pipe.... theres 4 inlet/outlets on the pipe front header exit headed a chamber like injector and the stinger at the end torward the waterbox? how would i do this?

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    check out the xh2o site, they are a standup community and would be able to get you straightened out.


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