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    Quote Originally Posted by anussbaum View Post
    Hello, looking for some help with my 94 Polaris 750.

    In the past I have had some trouble starting the ski but it always starts up eventually, it is 20+ years old, anyway until it really warms up I cant run it wide open without it almost dying...have to kinda ease into it.

    After running the ski for 5-10 minutes it works out the issue and accelerates fine. UNTIL the last time I put it when I finally get it started it never seems to warm up and when I take my time and slowly work the RPM's up it never gets up to a speed that matches the RPMs.

    Its as if the water intake is clogged...but it isnt...I took it out of the water and had a good look and its clean all the way through. The only thing difference that I can tell is there seems to be more noise and vibration from the shaft...perhaps there is bad bearing in the shaft?
    If you have not done so in recent times, I suggest removing the jet pump and inspecting the jet pump/impeller bearings.

    Your 1994 model should have the 148mm modular jet pump.

    See my signature links for info info and video on removing the jet pump and checking it.

    what is the service history on this machine?
    Have the carburetors been internally cleaned and rebuilt?
    Has the fuel system been refurbished? New fuel hoses, new fuel filter, inspect inside the fuel tank?

    Check cylinder compression. All spark plugs out, throttle held wide open, strong battery.

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    If it truly revs up but doesn't speed up maybe the splines are stripped on the driveshaft or inside the coupler or the impeller. I'm assuming a ski that year wouldn't have a rubber bonded coupler. Either way the pump needs to come off as K447 already suggested.

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    I'm looking for carb settings for 1993 Polaris 750 . I have a 1994 but I found a 1993 & needing to know if jet settings are different. can you help?

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    Cross Posted:

    I have 2 1995 Polaris SL 650s. One of them is draining my battery everytime. It is making an alarm sound when I'm on it in the water when tipping side to side. One side more than the other. Full of gas and oil. This started the middle of last season. I put it on the lift after use and come back after the next weekend and the battery is dead.

    Brand new batteries this year and came back the next weekend and the battery is dead. Only thing I can come up with is the alarm signal seems like its an anti tipping alarm and it randomly is going off draining the battery. Won't do it when I'm dry docked.

    Ski runs awesome other than having to charge battery before every weekend use. As you know its a big pain to unhook the battery every time.

    Hoping for some assistance in finding this alarm and what I can unhook that won't effect the machine. I've heard it could be a low oil alarm but its full of oil but not sure where that wire is or if would harm the machine to unhook it.

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    What's a good carb kit for the 650 that comes with needles and seats for a good price ? There is soo many different makes and knockoffs on ebay so I'm wondering what your guys experience is with them or others! Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caleral14 View Post
    What's a good carb kit for the 650 that comes with needles and seats ... ? ....

    Buy the genuine Polaris Mikuni OEM carb rebuilt kits from

    They can supply the parts you need.

    Aftermarket rebuild kits are not worth the hassle.

    And click here

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    Correct ^^^^

    John has the best complete kits available.

    And thank you for bumping this thread to the top as there been many questions asked lately that can be answered with this

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    Okay, I am a tech tard. So please be easy on me. I clearly don't know how to post questions or where to do it. I read through how to do it and this is the best i can figure it out. I so appreciated all the info about things you need to know about my 94' polaris SLT 750. I am going through the the list and following each step. I am about to rebuild the Mikuni carbs and install a triple fuel pump. I have the maintenance book so i have all the specs on high speed screw adjustments for each carb. Does that change since i am putting on a triple fuel pump? do i adjust all carbs to the specs for the Mag carb? I looked for the answer before I posted. any help would be great.

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