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    restoring a 1995 Raider questions???

    whats the paint matches the yellow seat the best??any pics

    what can i do to clean or change to the rub rails? maybe paint ??any pics

    what are handlebar options???any pics

    also what other mods can i do before breaking the bank i have already cut the stock ride plate their anything else i can do?

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    some fellows use a good hull cleaner from a boating store or toilet bowl cleaner will some times work the 'ick' out of the rails (ventellation and plastic gloves are a must)...for weatherd whiteish rails, i have used aceitone to clean and remove crud, (be carefull to not go crazy as it will melt them if using alot at once) just rub the surface with a wetted rag.. let it sit 24 to air out the fumes and chemicals ..then get a heat gun and as you blow heat onto the rail it will start to melt the top and pull oils from the undersurface up.. the whiteish dead plastic will sink in and the color will come thru once more... there is a few threads on this.. type 'heat gun rails' in yamaha section search it should come up..

    handle bars are basicly stock or aftermarket motorcross style..
    take your seat up to a good paint shop they may be able to match one up and mix it for you

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