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    Bad gas/Draining tank??

    I think I have bad gas in my 05 seadoo gtx SC. How can I get the old gas out of the fuel injection rail? I am going to drain the tank out today. Thanks for any info.

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    No one has never had t do this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JGN View Post
    No one has never had t do this?
    You could unbolt the fuel rail, pull it up (removing the injectors from the intake), unclip and unplug an injector and wiggle/pull it out of the fuel rail. Just be sure to use an old towel or sponge under it in order to catch the fuel dumping from the rail.

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    there's a pressure release valve inline just before the fuel rail from the tank. It has a green cap on it. The valve works like a valve stem on a car tire. Put a rag around the area & depress the valve & you're done.

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    Thanks guys!!! I will try the releif valve first (sounds easiest), if that dosent do the trick I will pull the injectors. Thanks again!

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    I would not bother with the rail ... just drain/siphon out the gas tank and you will be fine. There is very little fuel in the lines and rail and if the key has not been put in for a day or more, most of the gas will drain back into the tank.

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    Why do you think you have bad gas? Is the ski skipping?

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