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    REPO 2008 RXP-X w/ NO LANYARD KEY ??? HELP ???

    #1) Im looking to bid on & purchase a 2008 RXP-X off a Repossession agent. Problem is there's NO lanyard key and Id like to find out the hours before my bid. Can I use a lanyard from another Seadoo to get the hours to display on cluster or even get it to turn over. Any suggestions on what would be the best step to take.

    #2) The other issue is the Seadoo may have not been winterized from the Maine weather. I know its a closed loop system but the exhaust is cooled from external water. How much damage could I be looking at if any?

    Thanks in advance guys!

    TJ from Maine

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    you can't use a lanyard from another seadoo, they are programmed by the dealer to be specific for each machine!! You will have to buy a new lanyard, then take the seadoo to a local dealer and have them program it. Unless your getting it for a really great price, without knowing the hours or even if it would power up would keep me from taking a chance....good luck!!

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    When buying used, it may not be a situation where you can test drive it, but you at least want to hook up the water and hear it run. You should also do a compression check, but, like above, you need to get a programmed lanyard. No way around it that I'm aware of...

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    Thanks, I know I cant start the Seadoo with the other lanyard BUT I remember having 2 identical Seadoos a couple years ago and mixing the keys up by accident...when I put the wrong key in I know the information center (gauge cluster) powered on and displayed "wrong key"...BUT I cant remember if it displayed the hours, thats my biggest concern. Just want to display hours.

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    you said it may not have been winterized the intercooler is one of the thing i would worry about the tubes are thin and may have cracked it needs to be pulled and checked befor starting

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    Any lanyard will dsplay hours on the cluster.

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    Thanks Duke, Exactly the info I was looking for. I will keep you all posted how I make out.

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    idoodou- I'll have to visually inspect it (hopefully its easy access) and just expect the worse, price a new one and adjust my offer to the bank. Hopefully knowing the PWC was stored indoors throughout the entire winter not to much damage was done. I'll low ball and hope for the best...Then just replace JUNK exhaust and Intercooler parts with RIVA Performance parts. Thanks for your input, I'll keep you posted!

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    Ok, finally went to look at the RXP-X Repo today. Plugged lanyard key in from a 03 GTX-SC and PRESTO!!!...Hours displayed!!! (thanks again Duke)... 49 hours to be exact. Hull is perfect other then being filthy. Inspected intercooler, engine etc & everything seemed fine to the naked eye. Who knows if anything internal is split/cracked...but never the less, the PWC has decent hours and the hull is perfect. If I need to replace the intercooler and spend some cake for repairs, at least Im working with a desirable piece in great shape with decent hours if I can get it at a reasonable price.

    ???What do you guys figure a reasonable value is for this unit? Its an 08' RXP-X (stock) w/ 49 hours. If you inspected it but could not hear it run...and knowing the hull was in perfect condition...put a figure on it?

    Thanks, TJ

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    Without knowing it runs is a hard thing to decide, as there was a reason they decided to not pay for it anymore...
    I am sure it was from econemy reasons, but you never know. It could have had an issue and they decided to say screw it and let it go back to the bank. I doubt it, but you need to be aware of stuff like that. Trailer? or no trailer?
    I would say $5000 max. JMO... It would leave room for any problems needing to be fixed, but still be safe.

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    I am with Austin ... if you cannot hear it run, it is a huge gamble ... one that I would only take if I could get it at a price that would allow for a new engine potentially. It is critical to be able to fire it up and hear it run. If you cannot, I would check the oil level and how it looks, check the antifreeze level and how it looks, AND at least check compression on all three cylinders (you can do this without the key by jumping the starter directly, we have done this with a motor just sitting on the floor, no ECU or wiring connected to it). Repos are sometimes purposely sabotaged by the people who are losing them, so you have to try to determine the condition of the motor.

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