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    Bearing question (pump)

    I am upgradding my pump with the double front bearing and rear jam nut mod, however I have found the rear bearing outter race turns when rotating the short shaft (before strp down).
    Question, when I refit the new bearing, do I put a loctite substance on the outter race to prevent in turnning? Or don't worry about??

    Also the front bearing seems to be loose on the inner race, a very easy fit, I have had the shaft turned down the extra 18mm to allow for the second bearing on the front and it has been turn a little bigger so the bearing is a nice tight push fit rather than a loose push fit. Should I put some locking stuff on this inner race??

    Cheers for the help,

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    the front bearings should be a tight press fit, the rear is ok but you can use a locking agent, if you have machined the shaft make sure you dont bind it all up when you fit the rear cone on as the shaft can be sitting a little further to the rear. you may need to releive the cone a little sand the surface down on flat paper

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwakmat View Post
    when I refit the new bearing, do I put a loctite substance on the outter race to prevent in turnning? Or don't worry about??

    I have had the shaft turned down the extra 18mm to allow for the second bearing on the front
    Yes, applying loctite (strongest you can find) helps to prevent the bearings to spin inside the pump.

    You milled the original shaft, didn't just buy the 2011 spec shaft?

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    Having worked on Ultra pumps with run time exceeding a total of 1000 + hr's

    EVERy single one of them from NEW has the rear bearing spinning in the housing with NO ill affects....even the 2nd hand units...Not saying thats how loose I would have designed it.......Just think of the facts that no rear bearing / housing in all the pump threads.

    Glue it if you want but the loctite will do nothing if the shafts travels slightly forward for some reason or the housing expand or move for some reason, It will just break the loctite as it has NO physical holding strength.............Loctite only works when is applied onto interfereance item's....

    You may aswell use superglue as it will be the same waste of time when any movement happens, it will just break the tiny hoding force the glue/loctite has...

    Remember the prop tightens against the sleeve and holds everthing in place,

    Yes less tolerance is better , but remembering 95% of the high loads are axial thrust...

    So basicaly leave it alone, but if applying loctite makes you sleep better than off you go and apply it !!


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    Postage was way too much too the UK from the link you put up, prices of the parts was cheap but for the pump kit they want $200 postage. I brought the bit's from here ($41 postage) and the 2011 shaft was not availible, i ordered the double bearing shaft but it was the same as my 08 shaft??? I guess I needed a triple bearing shaft (2 at the front1 at the back), so I messed up alittle, no bother as I have access to a machine shop. I got a 16 thread turned for a jam nut for the rear part.

    I will used the green loctite which is super strong.

    Thanks fella's!!

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    The idea of using a locking agent is it just seems very wrong the outter race turns so freely, not as a prevention method to stop shaft slidding forward, jam nut for that but I doubt it will ever do as I will strip and replace bearings every 50-60hrs.

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    Loctite only works when is applied onto interfereance item's
    It surprises me the stuff people invent. Get some loctite retainer and try it. The product documentation gives you the void size it will fill between the bearing and housing. If you use this product a press will be needed to separate the rear bearing from the pump and at a higher force than the front bearing which actually has an interference fit without the bonding agent. An interference fit will have no space for bonding agent and some will scrape off during installation. The product is not needed nor is required for that application but will increase the removal force.
    My rear bearing was spinning and making aluminum paste. Select the product for the job. I used 62040 for an existing minimal gap-mine just started to spin and paste.

    This is a suggestion for interference parts:

    For Shrink Fitted Assemblies the adhesive should be
    coated onto the parts, the housing should then be heated to
    create sufficient clearance for free assembly.

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    Has anyone found a Source in the USA for these "new bearings" ??

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    Thanks for the replys, I used alittle loctite on the rear bearing and the pump is all back togeather.

    Job done!!!

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