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    PTO driveshaft bearing lubrication

    While I have the driveshaft bearing out of the bellows, does this bearing need to be packed or lubricated? I noticed on the engine side there is a small gap. It turns pretty well but I don't see how this bearing is very lubricated. At first I wondered if oil did the job, but the bellows was dry and clean and I don't think oil is getting past the oil seal. I've seen some posts referring to a zirc fitting. This machine doesn't have that.

    2006 RXP SC IC

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    The bearing is the seal and is lubricated by engine oil.

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    So the rubber membrane seal in the PTO cover does not prevent oil entering the bellows and the bearing? That seal looks like an automotive crank seal. When I took this apart, it had been sitting for three years so I didn't see much oil in the bellows.


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