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    1st Annual NorCal AWA Freedom ride - Delta 2007

    This is a ride thread on the NorCal Jetski Crew riding forum which several SoCal riders have interest in joining.

    Here's the basic info as of now
    Quote Originally Posted by chatty
    We need to start planning now.
    The location TBD will be on the delta somewhere, very likely a long ride suitable for runabouts, but with stretches SUs can join in.

    The date will be June / July 2007 so let's have any dates that conflict NOW!

    We will have the AWA crew out here with us.
    Quote Originally Posted by chatty
    Pencil in Saturday July 14th 2007.
    Here's some background on the proposed location
    Quote Originally Posted by chatty
    Hi Dan, younggtx and hdshrnk + any other So Cal riders that will be heading up.
    I'm sure we can find a suitable place to retire after a day riding.
    Jim (Tioari) had an idea on a private island that would fit about 60 tents on it near false river, it might be water access only though. I'm up for suggestions, but NOT windmill cove again. We need to consider somewhere mid delta, somewhere between sherman lake, hog island and tower park. Somewhere secure we can leave our cars / RVs / trailers etc. Somewhere that we can fire up a barbie, get the deck chairs out and pass out ...
    Somewhere we can ride to on a sit down from Sacramento, Oakland, Manteca or somewhere near for a standup.
    Quote Originally Posted by danketchpel
    I did some searching for a location and it's tough to find a place that is located someplace central, has good camping/RV sites & hopefully a bar/grill/store, a relaxed atmosphere, and a decent launching ramp.

    The private island could be cool but "boat in only" might be a challange for overnight arrangements, especially those of us staying for more than one night.

    It might make an excellent rondeveau point for the large group ride depending on the "beaching access".

    Here's some suggestions;

    Here's one that's got most of what we'd need and it's pretty much in the right location.

    Here's another place that looks good but is located a "bit to the east".

    Tower Park might also fit but the launch ramp is marginal and it's also somewhat eastern.

    Hopefully some of you "locals" can hunt down a prime location.
    Quote Originally Posted by 03walker
    I like Sugar Barge, the only problem is Frank's Tract. The weeds are a PWC nightmare.
    Quote Originally Posted by danketchpel
    Quote Originally Posted by waterfly550 many so cal riders are coming??
    Hard to say exactly, but based on current inputs, looks like 8+ riders. Hopefully we can push that up some more. Some of these guys will be coming from "way down south".

    Quote Originally Posted by waterfly550
    .....any stand ups??
    Most of our group are couch jockeys, we're into long rides and wave jumping. Most of our group rides have been salt water rides.
    This should get folks "up to speed" on this thread.

    For any SoCal riders who have never experienced riding the Delta and would like to try it out, this would definitely be the trip to make.

    The Delta is an awesome place to jetski with almost 1,000 miles of navigable waterways that split, twist, and intersect with each other.

    It basically runs from Sacramento in the north down to Stockton and west to Tracy. There is a combo of very smooth water and very good sized wakes (sometimes 4-5 ft) to jump from the larger passing boats and the scenery and "flavor" of the area changes with each new section.

    Hopefully we can get a good turn out for this ride!

    The primary thread on this board should be the one I posted in the Northwest rides forum. I posted here to give SoCal riders the "heads up" in case they might be interested.

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    You guys need to cruise over here to the Green Hulk, where's Jim??

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    Ohh, for a location where you can take the motor homes and they rent little cabins how about Snug Harbor?? Vierras Resort has motor home and tent camping if I'm not mistaken.

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