so, i finally got around to fixing the stripped intermediat shaft on my '00 gp1200r. put all back together after moving the motor, then tried to test fire to make sure all good so far. havent put driveshaft or anything on back in yet. started and ran. had a loud "tink" every so often, but not timeable. very sperattic. any ideas? kinda sounds like a wrist pin but not sure. does make me worry because it is that loud and noticeable.
when i blew the shaft last year i was about 5 miles away from home. had to get towed back. put on trailor and tried to start to diagnose further. no crank. that is when i figured out that some hoses needed to be crimped/blocked off. go figure. motor completely full of water. took out plugs and cranked till no water coming out. put plugs back in and cranked for like 5 minutes. finally fired. ran at idle with no water for 1 min, then added water and did a couple of blips of the throttle. ran like that for another 15 minutes. shut off water and ran for a few min(1-2) more and blipped throttle one good time to get water out as i knew i was going to take apart. figured all was good.
has sat in garage since last sept? every week i sprayed pb blaster in top of pistons and rotated crank by hand to keep lubricated. any ideas where or what this noise is? really makes me wonder now if something is/was bad??? any suggestions?