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    Arrow Jet Skiing Hillsboro Inlet today... The experience...

    I don't think I will ever ride out of there again. We launched at the 14th ST boat ramp. Ofcourse it was no wake so we were just cruising along in "no wake" mode on the SHO's. We were doing a maximum of 4MPH. I see a police boat approaching us from the front that comes to my port side. There are 7 of us on skis. He starts the conversation by saying he saw us "hauling ass" and "splashing people". Complete moron, we had just launched 5 minutes before. I explain to him we are in "no wake mode" and have been in it since we left the ramp so he was mistaking us with someone else. Then the officer proceeds to tell us that he saw us "moving around" in the channel and that we have to go straight and its illegal to do anything else. He made it sound like we were in a car and had to follow a lane, give me a f'ing break. So then he asks us if were going to be doing any wave jumping. My friend says "I don't know maybe" as he is dumbfounded by the question.

    The response from the officer:
    "If I see any of you jumping waves, you will be taken straight to jail. It is illegal, if I see it I promise you will all land in jail. Got it? It is illegal and you will go to jail for wave jumping! If you plan on doing it stay away from the inlet and even then if I see you you will go to jail"

    Was this really necessary? I really wish I would have recorded the conversation so you guys could have heard how funny it was. It sounded like he had no real reason to stop us in the first place and wanted to push his authority on us just to make himself feel important.

    Anyways, pics...

    Oh and yeah, nice boat

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    What law enforcement agency was it?

    Never had a problem with any of them running in no-wake mode.

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    It was BSO, maybe one cop who was just trying to make everyone's life miserable. The other cop didn't seem to have a problem with me when I cruised up to him to talk to him.

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    when i was still down there,there were always alot of cops in the area,but they bothered me...bummer.

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    Johnny, thats what I was hoping to see hahahaha Unfortunately the water was still pretty cold and there werent that many boats just hanging out. I think the Haulover sandbar is winning right now.

    Keybat... I hear you. I have been riding for years, and have owned a few jet skis.This is the first time we were stopped and basically in my opinion harassed. We did nothing wrong just had 7 people cruising together. They may have thought we were going to go crazy out there but I respect laws (most of them anyway) LOL

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    Here is a picture from lake Boca right now.

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