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    you want to absolutely replace the bolts, they are inexpensive. Consider them insurance against having to go in there again for a good long time. Be careful with the timing wheel, the large magnet can throw you off. double check before you button it up. make sure the gasket surface are clean clean clean as a messy PTO cover seal is just fuggin ugly. I'd mark the position with yellow paint before disassembly so you get the correct offset on reassembly. Do the next guy a small favor and mark an area on the interior and exterior of the pto with the year of the engine.

    Keep in mind. I am typically the next guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulyB View Post
    So to place a 2005 215 motor in a 2007 rxp ski I just need to pull the timing cover, move the reluctor wheel two bolt holes counter clockwise? Do I need to use new bolts or can I reuse the old ones?
    Why don't you just use the timing cover that came with the 05 motor instead?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Chester View Post
    Why don't you just use the timing cover that came with the 05 motor instead?

    Will it work that way? If it will I will absolutely do that. I was advised by the guy I am buying the engine from that the timing cover would need to be changed. I came here for a second opinion to see what would be needed.

    Here is the original post I made on Greenhulk asking if it would work. I was advised that I would have to modify the reluctor wheel.


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