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    1997 Kawasaki 750ss XI

    I found a 97 XI for sale $350, the guys says it was running 3days ago and found low compression, then he took it apart and found that the piston had pitting on it.
    It doesn't have a trailer.

    How bad does this sound. I haven't seen it yet.. figured best case new piston/rings $150. worse case.. topend $400..
    I've worked on 2stroke bikes and 4wheelers, but wanted to have another opinion before I got the ski.
    Also wanted to know if this is a good ski to get or not or would I be better off getting something else like an 1100, etc..
    I don't mind spending some time to work on it.. but didn't want to overspend on parts on a ski that is really worth $1000 after fixed.

    Heres a pic from the add.

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    Welcome aboard, m2cyclone!

    Sounds like one of my projects. It costs way more to get it running than you think, and you're left with a 'Ski that won't sell for what you put into it.

    Here's how I would figure it:

    Plan on a top overhaul at $400. If he's got the head loose, pull it and see if the cylinders need to be bored or just honed. Add $150 for boring.

    Go through the carbs ($100)

    Replace starter brushes ($30)

    Install blockoff kit on crankcase drain ($25)

    Replace cracked gas cap with aluminum billet cap ($25) Note: every one of my 750s and my 1100 had a cracked cap.

    Replace all oil lines with urethane hose and safety wire in place ($15)

    Carefully inspect the jet pump, if the impeller blades or stator blades are damaged, $$$$. Might also need impeller bearings. If possible, put it in the water and check the driveshaft bearing holder for leakage ($150+)

    Check the electric trim. If it doesn't work, figure $200 for a working used unit on Ebay.

    After all this, you still end up with a 'Ski that only runs 45 MPH. Fun for the kids, but you'll probably get tired of it pretty quick. And, you'll have to get a trailer! And don't forget registration costs.

    Check out as much as you can. If the pump & trim seem OK, offer $250. If not, walk.

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