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    Wink Need Advise: On buying used 2005 RXP

    Although i've been strolling this forum for a while, i only recently made an account and decided to ask a question. I am on a budget to buy a jetski, and my main priority is power. I found a used 05 RXP down at the dealership who are advertising it on behalf of the owner. I will be checking the RXP out tomorrow and most probably give it a test drive.

    Checking out its full history which the dealership had, it had regular maintenance. i found out that it had an SC rebuild after 120 hours in 2010. Stating that over the 5 years from purchase date it had only 120 hours on the engine. I presume this is quite low. Speaking the mechanic, he said the washers are now metal, i guess its due to the SC kit being of 2010 spec. standards, and use the new metal washers which were added to the design in 2008.

    Its been a year since its SC rebuild, and i have yet to check its hours (dealership transporting it to them tomorrow). Since it only did 120 hours in 5 years.. i doubt it has had much more done in 1 year. It is being sold for 4800 USD.

    So, being a newbie, is there other stuff i should look out for when inspecting the ski tomorrow or ask about? Should i ask whether the oil pumps had been cleaned out and replaced during the SC rebuild? As the rebuild may have been caused by ceramic washer failure.. and the oil pumps are still damaged making it susceptible to more problems in the future.

    any advise would be helpful, as im only a student and wouldn't want to have huge bills on my hand, i love riding ski's but buying a used 1 is the only way i can own 1.

    thanks in advance, <3

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    Hours are fine...Ask about the oil pumps but its going to be hard to get a straight answer. The service history will tell allot. By rebuild I am guessing they mean the S/C which is exactly what that should have done as normal maintenance.

    Valves in 04/05's are an issue. You may want to search the forum for more info on that.

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    at that price you can upgrade to a xcharger and set 42 pound injectors make sure you buy it from the owner and not the dealer and you can save tsome money on the sales tax

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