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    SHO Riva Exhaust/ Riva BOV

    Pm me with a price shipped to Miami 33160. Or if local I can come pick it up thanks.

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    Which exhaust are you looking flow or rear exhaust?

    I'm switching to the rear exhaust & will be selling my R-Rated free flow in a week or two. The R-rated kit doesn't require cutting up the stock rubber thru hull piece like the Riva kit. Pics in this thread:
    Shoot me a pm if interested.

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    Maybe, really would live the Riva exhaust. But PM me a price, ill see what I can do. Thanks.

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    I have got a Riva FF that has been sitting since last season. It was too loud for my liking. I will include the rubber section so you do not have to cut yours. Came of of my SHO Cruiser. $120 shipped via Priority Mail.

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