I have an autometer marine electric fuel pressure gauge

http://www.keitheickert.com/p-172-0-100 ... 2-116.aspx

I have not found a good answer about what gauge sender I need to get to install it. there is one that is 100 bucks that uses a plug

http://www.jegs.com/i/Auto%20Meter/105/ ... /-1?CT=999

The sender uses a small black box that I can not find anywhere.

there is another sender that is different


And It seems like it just uses the engine ground and a sender wire.

I have 2 temperature senders that will do engine oil and coolant water temp

Oil pressure sender


I believe that it uses the engine ground and a signal wire.

and then I need the fuel pressure sender and a fuel level sender.

So I have
water temp
oil temp
oil pressure
fuel pressure
fuel level
lambda (o2)