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    Transom reseal. To lift or not.

    After falling of a while ago I am relooking at what I have done in my setup. I had resealed my transom before the accident and in the process had lifted it to sit against the locaters on the hull. I did not lift it higher than the locaters.

    I thought I would just go back to where it was stock as they seem to all sit about 3-4 mm below these locaters when stock. I took it off and cleaned it up and had a look at where it sits when sitting in the stock position. The bottom of the transom seems to line up with the hull but when you look through the plate and into the pump tunnel, the top of the pump part of the transom sits about 3-4mm below the pump tunnel.

    I am now confused to what to do. It looks to me that the transom should be fitted to the the locaters for the transom to get the transom and the pump tunnel to line up properly. When I did it last time the hook up was def better in the stock position.

    What should I do .

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    Mike, you really need to mount the transom plate all the way up to where the locator tabs are touching.
    It's very common to have that ridge. I have a thread some place on the forum showing how to true this surface up.

    In my opinion you need to install the R&D FZR intake grate to solve your issue

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    Here's the thread I was talking about

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    Thanks Jerry.

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    Agree and change the ride plate....

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