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    98 Polaris SLTX 1050 engine in 2000 genesis hull?

    a friend of mine has an 1998 Polaris SLTX 1050, that decided to take a trip over a dam when it flooded, destroying the hull, but the engine and drive are fine, my question is, i have a 2000 polaris genesis 1200 hull that is in perfect shape, will the engine and drive from the SLTX mount into the genesis hull without major modifications?

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    The engine will bolt right in.

    The exhaust manifold and related parts may or may not fit without some tweaking.

    The main issue is that the 1050 engine likes to rev, and was intended for a light/medium weight hull. The Genesis is a heavier and larger hull (more water drag) and the 1050 engine tuning (carbs and ignition timing in CDI module) may need to be changed to keep the motor happy.

    The 1050 engine is also rated for less power than the 1200, so the Genesis won't be as fast as it would with a 1200.

    What you might consider is selling the running 1050 engine and using the money to buy a 1200, or repairing your 1200 engine.

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    i was wondering about the weight difference in the hulls. we may just take your advice and repair the 1200.
    thank you for the info.

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    There is negligiable weight difference between the two engines....but a fairly significant difference in horsepower. Stick to the 1200!

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    if it's cheap enough and your Genesis is carbed also i would drop it right in and run it you will hardly notice the difference

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